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How to Clean Marble

  • Materials that you'll need. Medium to large size bowl, water, Clorox bleach, Comet, 0000 steel wool, cheesecloth, and a good paste wax.
  • There's no real mixing secret to this task. Just fill your bowl half way with warm water. Add in some bleach (approximately 1/2 a cup per gal of water). Add in some Commet.
  • Dip your 0000 steel wool into solution. The Comet may be settled to the bottom of the bowl, so you will need to scoop it up to get some on the steel wool. Wash the marble with the solution and 0000 steel wool. Scrub in areas that are stained or discolored. It's best to wash with the steel wool going from end to end. Stay away from circular scrubbing. If you're working with the marble still on the piece (furniture), watch for drips over the edge, as they may damage the finish of the furniture below.
  • After you feel the marble has been thoroughly washed, rinse with a clean cloth, and then wipe dry. At this point your marble will be noticeably clean.
  • Final step is an application of paste wax. This will bring back a sheen that can be buffed to your desire. The wax will also help resist stains, and make for easy care. Be sure to use a paste wax that is the same color as your marble, as it will absorb the color from the wax. For white marble use American Custom Paste Wax - Clear. For black marble use American Custom Paste Wax - Jacobean
  • To care for your marble, all you'll need to do is wipe with a clean cloth. Depending on the amount of use, you may want to apply another coat of paste wax in a month or so.

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