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Chippendale Chairs for Repair

This pair of chippendale chairs was in obvious need of repair.

Step One

First step was to take the broken pieces that had been saved by the client and put them with the appropriate chair.

Just as one would put togther a puzzle, each of the broken parts and pieces were turned and tested till they found their home.

There were only a couple of pieces missing.

Step 2

Next step was to pull apart any loose parts and joints.

We knew the chairs were in real need of repair, but once we got into it we found we had a lot work ahead of us.

Each chair had to be completely disassembled and all the glue was scraped off to assure proper reassembly.

Several hours of glueing and clamping pieces back together followed.

For most of the project we used white glue. There were a few instances with the smaller pieces that we could not use clamps on. With these we used a very reliable 5 minute epoxy glue.

Reconditioning of the finish:

Although worn, we decided that the original finish just needed to be reconditioned and not stripped. (Read about reconditioning and refinishing here)

First step in this process was a good cleaning with Rosini's Red 1 and 0000 Steel Wool. This removed all the wax and polish build up from over the years.

Quik Stix Filler (#16) and Epoxy Putty were used the fill any cracks and smooth out repairs.

A quick scuff with 240 silicone carbide paper to assure that our coats of new finish would adhear properly.

Rosini's Mix (stain) was diluted and applied with Cheese Cloth.

After the first coat of Orange Shellac was applied with Cheese Cloth we began touching up all the repairs.

For each area we custom blended colors from Rosini's Color Box, mixed with Rocket Pad, and applied with a Fine Tip Touch Up Brush.

Two more coats of Orange Shellac was all that was needed to seal our touch up and reveal the once lost beauty of these mahogany chairs.

During the final steps each chair was rubbed out with 320 silicone carbide paper and 0000 Steel Wool.

A coat of light oak American Custom Paste Wax was applied and buffed with Cheese Cloth to achieve the right sheen.

Once in many pieces these two chippendale chairs are now fully functional.

Floyd J. Rosini


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