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  1. Rosini's Furniture Care Starter Kit
    From the novice to the professional, this furniture polishing kit is stuffed with the same basic materials we use on site, and in the restoration shop.

    Contents of This Kit Include
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  2. Rosini's Complete Kit
    Rosini's Complete Kit is everything you'll need to take complete care of your fine antique furniture.
    This kit has everything that's in the Starter Kit and more.

    Contents of This Kit Include
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  3. American Custom Paste Wax Kit
    This is the best Furniture Paste Wax Kit I've ever seen. It comes with a 6 oz. jar of the American Custom Paste Wax in your choice of tint. That's enough wax to polish several large pieces of furniture. The Cheesecloth Pack is next and consists of 2- 1 square yard pieces of specially woven cheesecloth specifically for polishing and buffing. Next is our Chinese Bristle Furniture Brush for applying wax to joints, corners, carvings and hard to get at places. It also comes with your choice of Touch Up Marker for touching up those unsightly scratches and nicks to give them a more "antique look". Also included is a Soft Wax Filler Stick of your choice. Always remember to choose a color that's a shade or two darker then the finish you're trying to match. Finally you also receive 2 pair of Nitril Gloves for protecting your hands while performing the Waxing procedure. A full set of instructions are also included. Learn More

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