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Avoiding Chemical Burns

  • Protective gloves are a must when using furniture stippers and bleaches. If your gloves are loose fitting and awkward, try wearing a pair of surgical, or thin work gloves underneath your heavy duty chemical gloves. This will fill up the loose space and also protect you as the outer pair begin to wear out.
  • Avoid unnecessary srubbing. Let the chemicals do the work. Keep appling the stripper until you know the finish is loose.
  • When using a cloth with stippers and bleaches keep the edges of the cloth tucked in. This will keep the edges from being whipped around, causing spatters and contact with the skin.
  • Always have a safe zone. A place to go and clean up when chemicals get on the skin. A sink or hose area with clean water. Rags or towels should be clean and ready for quick use.
  • Use a good skin protector. Works as a good back up when your gloves unknowingly wear out. Apply to the face too, for those unavoidable splatters.

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