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American Custom Venetian Plaster Wax

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New Venetian Plaster Wax :
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American Custom Venetian Plaster Wax has been specially formulated for enhancing and magnifying custom Venetian plaster work. This is a NEW FORMULA, tested by professionals and receiving rave reviews. With the import regs getting so strict on large size solvent based wax, you now have the opportunity to purchase an equally superior product in a gallon size, thereby saving you money. No more buying multiple 500 ml. containers.It's low odor, plenty of open time and an easy buff. Dry time depends on thickness of film. A thin coat troweled will dry in 30-60 minutes. However the longer you can wait the easier it buffs. It has a lovely luster. Bright and dry, not greasey. Removes easily with odorless mineral spirit. Rosini's American Custom Venetian Plaster Wax, try it, you won't be disappointed. Also comes in one pound containers.
Directions: When using a trowel, brush or soft cloth, apply in a circular or arcing motion. Try to diffuse lap lines and build lines as much as possible to avoid high spots, unless it's for technique. Finish up with as thin a coat as possible. Allow as much time as possible to dry. Overnight is best, but at least 30-60 minutes. Buff with a clean soft cloth, drill brush, or hand brush. If the wax seems difficult to buff, allow more time to dry. Remember, the more wax you use, the longer the dry time. If sheen is uneven, go over lightly with straight even strokes using a fine Scotch-Brite pad. Then rebuff.

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